ETGI Group | Educational Technologies and Video Communication,

ETGI Group  provides E-Learning solutions and video conferencing to a world where knowledge has become the single most important asset.

ETGI Group provides Educational Technologies integrated with Video Conferencing :

ETGi Group helps clients about how to use technology to make online education, training and video conferencing which enable more efficient education and communication through the use of technology. We work with clients in a wide range of sectors and industries. We make an important contribution to implementation, content development, e-learning platform as service, best practices, and working closely with clients to ensure positive impact and sustainable results.

  • Distance Education/ e-Learning
  • LMS, Virtual Classroom
  • Online Language Learning Applications
  • Digital Content Development Tools
  • Trainings and Consultancy
  • Web Conferencing Virtual Classroom

The group’s business is centered around a flexible, user-friendly, expandable distance learning LMS product called Vedubox (Virtual EDUcation BOX). Presently in use in both academia as well as corporations, Vedubox has proven to be a highly reliable and versatile platform, connecting teachers and students around the world.

Etgi Grup develops Vedubox innovative platform which is an integrated Cloud Learning Management System (LMS) that thousands of users have used globally since 2011. Sold worldwide and available in 12 most spoken languages, Vedubox truly exemplifies internationalization.


About Vedubox

VeduBox is not just an elearning tool, and it is not just a single product – it is a product that was designed to be delivered in SaaS as a platform of features and modules that can be enabled or disabled per customer requirement/s. It is extendable and flexible, with a component based architecture. This unique approach means companies can rapidly extend and scale their solution according to needs. What’s more VeduBox can easily be integrated with your existing IT systems.

The integrated LMS is very easy to use and has been widely recognized for its user friendly and modern user interface. It manages, delivers and tracks Web-based Training (WBT), Instructor-led Training (ILT), Blended Learning activities, as well as Live Training and Educational sessions.