Designed to provide an ideal student experience, Articulate 360; hides sidebar texts, eliminates the browser, and provides a mobile-friendly experience tailored for every screen size and orientation. With touch gesture support, students can swipe and drag the lesson or zoom in and out with their tablets and mobile devices.

Because it works seamlessly with the Articulate 360 Content Library, you can add your templates and characters to the library so you can teach with high quality.

Preparing and presenting your online content for all mobile devices is easy with Articulate Storyline 360!

Share your professional content created with Articulate Storyline with Storyline 360 and enjoy watching your excellent e-educational content in any environment!

Realize your dream lessons with Articulate 360. You can make your interactive lessons available to all devices without making any adjustments. After creating your lessons with Articulate Storyline 360, simply click Publish. And your lesson automatically starts to be used wherever you want. Even if you have no experience in content creation, you will feel professional with Articulate 360.

Articulate 360 Examples