Cyber Monday İçin Kampanya Videosu ve GIF’i Nasıl Hazırlanır?

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Her yıl olduğu gibi bu yıl da dünyanın her yerinden şirketler Cyber Monday ve Black Friday (Türkçede Siber Pazartesi) için hazırlıklara başladı. Tüketiciler, yılın belli kampanya dönemlerinde daha fazla alışveriş yapmak için hazır. Ancak şirketler arasında rekabet yüksek ve dönemsel kampanyanızla öne çıkmak için biraz daha özenli olmanız gerekebilir. Hedef kitlenizin ilgisini çekecek Cyber Monday […]

ETGi Group Offers 360 Degree Solutions to Companies and Institutions!


ETGi Group is the reseller or representative of many global products and services and offers training and support services. ETGi Group provides all kinds of consultancy and support services and solutions with its experienced teams and global partners globally for e-learning and video conferencing.It serves hundreds of corporate customers with Zoom Video Conferencing and Google Workspace […]

How to Use Zoom: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How to use Zoom, which allows us to meet with our business partners, customers, students, or loved ones via the internet? Although Zoom is an application that is already used by those who need it and adopt digital transformation, it has turned into an application that we all know with the pandemic. But Zoom still […]

How to Make Educational Videos? – Tips for Online Education

Accessibility, which is one of the conveniences introduced by technology to human life, makes us need technology in every field. The rich internet content, which has expanded with the development of web technology, has now become instructive rather than entertaining. The question of ‘how to make educational videos?’ has also been asked more frequently. Currently, […]

What is Articulate: Teach, Learn and Discover

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Developing technology is changing the ordinary and leaving its place to what is current and trendy. Articulate, which aims at lifelong learning, puts aside the classical education approach such as face-to-face education and keeps up with the needs of the age, carries the individual’s learning process to the online platform. Articulate, a worldwide used digital […]

Education Technology Panel


With so much digital transformation, what ecosystem considerations and classroom management tools are needed? Watch our Panel Discussion on how education was impacted in 2020 and how technology can enable teachers and students to partake in a more effective, personalized, and tech-enable learning experience. Click here to register!



Finding out which of the LMS solutions will be the best for your corporate needs is never a walk-in-the-park decision. We know that you’ve got several questions that are unanswered about how to choose the best LMS solution for your business. We know you’re concerned about your business budget and finance. We also understand that […]

More freedom in online training with the  cooperation of Microsoft and Vedubox

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  More freedom in online training with the  cooperation of Microsoft and Vedubox As the only integrated system of video conferencing, online training/distance learning, digital education and LMS with a 100% cloud-based technology, Vedubox eliminates costly and rigid structure in traditional training using Microsoft’s smart cloud platform Azure. The system, which allows users to join […]

Free Corporate Software? Are you sure?

bedava yazilimFree Corporate Software? Are you sure? In the market, you can see many open-source software providers that are trying to gain an advantage by being “free”. Actually, it is misleading to assert that these software programs are free. Why do people need software? Of course, to make extensive use of it while doing their business. [...]

Integrated innovative e-learning platform with your identity

Our product, VEDUBOX ONLINE LEARNING AND COMMUNICATION PLATFORM, perfectly solves, without any investment from clients side, their LMS, training, meeting and webinar needs as integrated single platform. VEDUBOX gives distance learning platform services as white label (as your identity) which is your company name and logo your just shown. You can get advantages of integrated [...]

Attention to all the e-Learning Entrepreneurs!

1- Want to start up a new e-learning business and concerned about the settlement costs? 2- Already an existing business but fed up of paying huge rents? 3- Want to reach out to a greater market and make more profits? If your answers to the above questions are "YES" then "VEDUBOX" is the product you [...]

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Gelecekte Eğitim Altüst Olacak Çocuklarınızla Artırılmış Gerçeklik (Augmented Reality) Deneyin! What we’re learning from online education Her Çocuk Özeldir! Finlandiya Eğitim Sistemi Salman Khan : Eğitim’de Video Kullanımı Eğitimi Yeniden İcat Ediyor! Eğitim İçeriklerini Video Olarak Hazırlamak Etkili Bir Yöntem… Gelecekte Eğitim Gelecekte Tıp Eğitimi Gelecekte Okul Flipped Learning Blended Learning (Harmanlanmış Öğrenme) TedX Video: […]