Design effective and interesting online animations using Vyond’s very easy and practical tools. In addition to making effective sales and training videos with Vyond, add videos to PowerPoint presentations that are difficult for many.

With Vyond, you can make a difference in many areas, especially online education and training, marketing and human resources.

ETGI Group is the representative of Vyond in Turkey, which offers tools that help you create effective animations. For your questions about using Vyond or to start using it right away

It's Easy to Design Animation with Vyond

Since its establishment in 2007, Vyond has served 12 million registered users in 6 continents. The company strengthens many areas from the education sector to the business world with its unique animations. It allows you to easily design animations that attract the attention of the viewer, convey the desired message clearly and are memorable.

Need to train your employees on a new product?
Planning to organize a quick tutorial for your helpdesk?
How about something to make your social media content stand out?

All these things are very practical with Vyond.

Vyond in online education

Enrich your online training with dynamic video animations with Vyond, which offers fast and easy video creation tools.

Make the exercises that add learning skills much more fun by using the animations you will design with Vyond. From scenario-based learning to microlearning, online courses with video tutorials are the best way to engage your students.

Vyond, which produces much higher quality animated videos with new themes and 1080p video support, both increases the quality of education and proves how innovative it is to the ever-evolving technology.

Try different formats

Easily create GIFs, MP4s that make your social media accounts even more interesting with Vyond. Moreover, you can keep them wherever you want or transfer them to platforms such as Storyline and Captive. In this way, it is much easier to share the videos, animations or sounds you have prepared with your audience on different platforms.

How is Vyond used?

Choose the template that suits you best

Start your animation using pre-built templates. You can find scenarios for a wide variety of industries in the comprehensive library. Using templates doesn’t mean you can’t be original. Customize them with character, color and text. Add audio and music and voila, your first video is ready.

Drag & Drop, it’s that easy

With all the features like drag-and-drop controls, character lip-syncing, and royalty-free music library, you don’t need to be a tech veteran to make a great video with Vyond.

You can choose the most suitable one among the flexible plans and price options that differ according to them in Vyond. With Vyond, which has a more practical use and price compared to traditional video productions, you can find everything you are looking for in a single tool.