Purpose -Mission

• • To meet customer needs with innovative solutions and products in IT and Telecom fields, especially in education technologies and video communication,
• To reduce costs in education,
• To provide competitive domestic technologies to national and international markets,
• To reduce foreign dependency in education and communication technologies,
• To be a company that ensures the unwavering integrity of quality and continuity by using modern methods suitable for the twenty-first century.

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For Our Products and Services


Our Vision

To ensure continuity in the production of sustainable technologies in line with customer needs and expectations,
• To continue the breakthroughs that will enable this infrastructure to become the dynamics of competitive power by developing the domestic technological infrastructure,
• Providing widespread, reliable and quality service in Turkey and all over the world; to be a company with high market value.

ETGi Group aims to be the first implementer of new technologies in information and education technologies in Turkey.