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Murf, as a voiceover software, lets you convert text to audio.

What you can do with Murf?

Realistic artificial intelligence (AI) voiceover in 20 languages for podcasts, videos, and all your professional presentations

Quality, cost-effective audio narration for your e-learning content

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Why Murf?


Improve your digital sound without any voiceover experience or skills. Murf Studio is designed to create and edit voiceovers with ease.

Quick production

Murf lets you create voiceovers faster at a lower cost. With Murf Studio, voiceover production that used to take weeks now takes minutes.

Extensive library

Access the entire Murf library with a single subscription. Murf’s extensive audio library in several languages continues to grow.

Audio and text file support

Murf Studio supports both audio and text-based inputs. Simply add your text or audio file to instantly convert it to the sound you want.

A powerful studio with many features

Produce studio-quality voiceovers without training or wasting time.

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An extensive voice library

Choose from over 110 voices in 20 different languages.

Add video, music, or images

Upload your video, music, and image content and sync with the audio of your choice.

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Capture the right tone

Play with pitch, punctuation, and emphasis to get the AI voices to convey your message the way you want.


Use the language correctly with AI support

Take advantage of integrated grammar support to write compelling scripts, edit content, and turn them into powerful voiceovers in one place.

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Turn amateur voices professional

Turn your home recordings into professional voiceovers.