Next generation distance education solution

Tutoring System has been specially developed for online tutoring, counseling and coaching. Teachers and trainers; all kinds of documents, videos, etc. can easily share the content with their students. Students can make questions, tests and exams. That’s not all, our system also enables interactive live lectures and interviews in HD quality!

Your Online Class is Ready in 1 Minute

Educators and tutors! You can open an online class for yourself in as little as 1 minute and start teaching right away.

Online Test

You can add questions to the question pool and create tests using the questions in the question pool.

Content Sharing

Video, document, link, text, etc. You can upload all kinds of educational content to the system and share it with your students.

Online Live Lesson

You can have one-to-one or class (group) live lessons with your students from computers or mobile devices.

Features of the system

Our system is Turkey’s only 100% cloud technology e-learning/distance education, digital education and course management system. You can give private lessons over the internet with your own Private Lesson System from anywhere at any time.

Private teachers, experts who want to teach at home, foreign language instructors, music instructors can use the Private Lesson System on the web and mobile devices.