Placecam Video Conferencing and Corporate Communication System

ETGi Group is the Turkish representative of the German company Daviko. Placecam Video Conferencing and Corporate Communication System System is completely It is a software solution that is very easy to install, economical and innovative. It also has interoperability features. Placecam system any It can be installed on a server. Afterwards, the people who will use the system will access their computers. They install the client software. Placecam allows people to use low internet speeds wherever they are in the world. It allows communication over the internet. It can also be connected to other video conferencing systems. Also different In addition to allowing people in different places to open a document and work on it together It gives the feeling of being in the same environment by transferring images. from time and Those who want to save money will love this system. It is very different from products similar to Placecam and is an example of innovation. It can provide better performance even over 3G.

Placecam TV Video

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