Vimeo is a world-renowned practical and easy-to-use corporate Video Hosting and Publishing system.

It also provides many features such as live broadcast (webtv), video creation, video recording. ETGi Group provides sales, support and training services in Turkey.

Video Hosting and Publishing

All the storage you'll ever need.

Vimeo gives you up to 7TB of storage – that’s enough space for 600 feature films, 60,000 social ads, or a really long event.

Live Streaming

Level up your live streams with reliable, high-quality streaming for your viewers everywhere.



Customize every part of your video player according to your vision: choose your colors, logo and thumbnail; add or remove a playhead, speed controls, segmentation and more; and make your work private or password protected with advanced privacy settings.


Video messaging for your team

Features that Vimeo Enterprise offers businesses like yours.


Live broadcast
Secure live streaming for internal events and communications


Earn money with your videos

Monetize your videos with subscription and apps


Customized solutions for you

Add bandwidth, add users, update existing apps and more.