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What is Articulate: Teach, Learn and Discover

Developing technology is changing the ordinary and leaving its place to what is current and trendy. Articulate, which aims at lifelong learning, puts aside the classical education approach such as face-to-face education and keeps up with the needs of the age, carries the individual’s learning process to the online platform. Articulate, a worldwide used digital content development tool, can change the content image for languages written from right to left by overcoming the obstacles such as language differences.

What is Articulate?

Articulate is an e-learning platform supported by LMS (Learning Management Systems) that provides interactive and more engaging learning. It makes learning and teaching more delightful by including many tools such as Rise 360, Storyline 360, Content, Library 360, and Review 360.

While downloading the Storyline 360 application, you can also prepare interactive educational content via the browser with Rise 360. You can illustrate your content with more than 8.3 million royalty-free stock photos and icons in Content Library 360, and you can comment and get feedback on interactive content with Review 360. Review 360 is a simple way to work with the experts on the subject.

With this program, you can share screen recordings, give courses with the educational contents you have prepared, and support these contents with videos and slides. In addition to creating educational content, you can also take training courses from experts. You can hold your business meetings and presentations with live chat support. With its cloud-based wide technology, you can access the contents regardless of time and place, without the need for downloading. You will feel the advantage of unlimited storage with Articulate. Articulate brings the most practical and enjoyable way of learning and teaching to its users.

What is Articulate Storyline 360?

With Storyline 360, you can prepare interactive training for Windows, IOS, and Android operating systems. By turning the training you have prepared into a course, you can make exams, share your screen recordings and presentations, prepare e-books for your students, and get feedback on courses and contents. The first thing you need to do is download the application to your smartphone, tablet or create an Articulate membership from your browser.

If you need support during this process, you can contact the ETGI Group team.

The feature that distinguishes Articulate from other e-learning platforms is its rich content tools. You can take video and audio recordings and edit them within the application. Without any extra effort, you can prepare slides and add buttons to these slides using the templates available in Storyline 360. Thanks to the buttons, your content will be enriched and trainees will be able to access more detailed information easily.

You can also prepare quizzes for the students at the end of the slides and get feedback. Creating e-exam content with drag-and-drop contents, fill-in-the-blank forms and a wide variety of questions is easy in Storyline 360.

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How to use Storyline 360?

In order to use Storyline 360, first of all, it is necessary to create an annual subscription. By purchasing the program from ETGI Group, the official sales partner of Articulate in Turkey, you can create your subscription and access all the Articulate tools.

The second step you will take is to prepare a study plan. You can create your course or presentation and publish it in multiple formats. In this way, the lessons can be accessed from any device. You can prepare a program content via PowerPoint presentation or Storyline 360.

You can use the templates in Storyline 360, or you can create templates yourself. The first step in creating course content is to create a slide. In the first stage, you can provide information about the course content and direct it to the next slides. You can enrich your presentation by using the large image and icon archive of Content Library 360, which is Articulate’s own library within the slide. If you wish, you can also include the files on your computer in your presentation.

Aiming to reach all over the world, Storyline 360 also offers a variety of characters that you can use in your presentations, such as age, ethnic group, and clothing.

You can create drag-and-drop interactions on your slides. To do this, simply add objects to your slide and select the “drag and drop” option from the menu, then select the items to be dragged and the target to be dropped.

In the e-exams you can prepare at the end of the slides, you can also make use of drag and drop content, and prepare separate feedbacks for each option for the trainees and ensure that they reach the right information. In the e-exam, you can prepare 20 different types of questions and use the objects on your slides. Depending on the exam result, it is possible to pass or repeat the course. Thanks to its advanced interface, you can create both entertaining and informative content by adding animations to your slides.

Storyline 360 can also take screen recordings, and each step is recorded separately in Storyline. The screen recording can be used as a single video or in separate parts. At the same time, you can include the image you will take with your own camera into your video. Articulate, which is sufficient for its users in every sense, allows the editing of these videos within its own program, just like an editing program.

Who is Articulate for?

Articulate is a program suitable for every institution and person who has adopted online education. Articulate can be used in the orientation programs created by private companies for their new employees, in the training to be given within the institution. Especially for educational institutions that prepare a lot of educational content such as schools, universities, and courses, Articulate provides a great advantage with its diversity.

In addition, those who want to prepare training content as freelancers can share their training on their own websites or put them up for sale. You can also use Vedubox’s online training sales portal to sell your training.

You can share the interactive courses via the browser, as well as CDs and DVDs. Articulate apps are charged annually and have separate pricing for institutions, universities, and freelancers.

Articulate is a versatile platform that educates educators as well as being a tool for educators. You also have the opportunity to learn from leading figures in the education industry, especially Tom Khulman, author of the e-Learning blog and Vice President of the Articulate Community. With this training, you can find your answer regarding your question: “How can I prepare better courses?” After becoming part of the Articulate Community, you can learn to teach with practical tips, free templates, and advice from the experts.

Countless global users

Used by 112,000 organizations worldwide, Articulate is in the top 100 of Fortune Magazine’s annual Fortune 500 list. Articulate has approximately 119 million users in 161 countries and serves 93 companies and 19 of the world’s top 20 universities.

Adam Schwartz founded Articulate in 2002 with the vision of facilitating the world’s learning, and under Schwartz’s management, it has grown into an award-winning company as the fastest growing technology company in North America.

Articulate has been an award-winning program by e-learning developers since 2005.

  • Best E-Learning Development Tool Winner: Articulate Storyline
  • Best Mobile Authoring Winner: Articulate Storyline
  • Best Presentation Tool Winner: Presenter (a Studio app)
  • Best Video Capture Tool Award of Excellence: Replay
  • Best Assessment Tool Award of Excellence: Quizmaker (a Studio app)

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