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Yozgat Ministry of National Education Digital Content Development Training

Yozgat Meb Dijital İçerik Geliştirme Eğitimi - 05/04/2016
Yozgat Meb Dijital İçerik Geliştirme Eğitimi – 05/04/2016

Provincial Director of National Education Saim Kuş stated that within the scope of the training, teachers will receive applied training and consultancy services on digital and distance education systems and easy-to-use digital content development tools for these systems. Stating that it is planned to improve course presentations and contents and raise them to a more institutional level as a result of these activities, Kuş said, “During the training, training and consultancy services will be provided on issues related to e-learning, distance education and content development. “These trainings will contribute to formal, non-formal and informal education activities and will also contribute to the development of the digital education and distance education sector in Yozgat.

Kuş also noted that the training to be received within the scope of the project will contribute to increasing the proficiency of teachers in digital competence and their professionalization in this regard. Explaining that by uploading the e-materials to be prepared to the EBA portal, it will contribute to the formation of an e-material bank that can be offered to all institutions and individuals affiliated with the Ministry of Education, Kuş said:

“The e-contents that can be created will set an example for other national education directorates, schools and educational institutions. It will provide the opportunity for quality course content and digital content to be accessed, shared and developed by wider audiences. Our teachers who participate in the training will be able to prepare their own lessons in the form of e-lessons and have the knowledge and ability to provide education remotely. “They will reach a level where they can share digital content.”