Manage Your Calls with Zoom: Zoom Phone Systems

Bring video, phone, meetings and chats into one app for Apple iOS, Google and Android devices with Zoom Phone.

Easily use on Apple MacOS and Microsoft Windows thanks to successful desktop integration.

Why Cloud PBX Phone System?

With a virtual or cloud PBX system, you can make and receive calls from a computer or mobile device, as well as from a desk phone. As long as you have an internet connection, you will have a phone connection.

Turn Phone Calls into Meetings

Quickly turn phone calls into Zoom meetings without having to manually join attendees. Easily add third parties to the ongoing phone call thanks to the 3-way conferencing feature.

  • Meet privately with whomever you want in meetings.
  • Continue the 3-party conversation by entering the call as the supervisor.

Create Calling Plans with Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone systems allow you to edit and match metered calling plans as you wish. Efficiently forward your calls to extensions and voicemail with automated operators.

  • Port new phone numbers through your current service provider.
  • Easily search through the Slack user interface.
  • Plan ahead by seeing when people are available before calling them.

Solve Problems Quickly with Zoom

Track, troubleshoot and identify phone call and network issues. Prefer SSO (Single Sign-On) solutions to increase Zoom’s security.

Eliminate your problems easily with Five9 and Twilio Flex and popular Contact Center as a Service solutions.

Assign and manage desk phone devices through the Zoom admin portal.

Much More on Zoom Phone

  • Music selection for on-hold calls that makes waiting enjoyable
  • Chance to manage working hours outside of working hours
  • Compatibility features with desk phones
  • Ability to listen to calls silently to take notes
  • Ability to turn a call into a meeting with one click
  • Integration with native
  • Easily archive and save call logs
  • Ability to easily manage voice messages on a single device
  • The chance to make phone calls and meetings with HD sound quality
  • Compatibility with different operating systems and devices